Copyright © 2005 Ching-Chuan Su
ISBN 957-41-1097-4
Published in 2005 by the author

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This book presents a local-ether wave equation  for electromagnetic and matter waves. From this wave equation, a time evolution equation is derived, which represents modifications of Schrodinger's equation. From this modified equation, an electromagnetic force law is derived, which represents modifications of the Lorentz force law. From the modified force law, relationships between electric and magnetic fields are derived, which represent modifications of Maxwell's equations. By refining the wave equation with a gravitational potential, the gravitational force and the mass are derived. Moreover, numerous consequences of the wave equation can account for a wide variety of important experiments in modern physics, the special relativity, and the general relativity. Thereby, the local-ether wave equation unifies quantum mechanics, electromagnetics, and gravitation.