Quantum Electromagnetics
A Local-Ether Wave Equation Unifying
Quantum Mechanics, Electromagnetics, and Gravitation


I.1 Review of Conventional Electromagnetics
I.2 Review of Special Relativity
I.3 Review of Quantum Mechanics
I.4 Outline of Quantum Electromagnetics

Chapter 1 Local-Ether Model of Wave Propagation
1.1 Motivation for Local-Ether Model
1.2 Classical Propagation Model and Sagnac Effect
1.3 Propagation Mechanisms and Sagnac Effects in High-Precision Experiments
      1.3.1 Global positioning system
      1.3.2 Intercontinental microwave link
      1.3.3 Interplanetary radar
1.4 Discrepancy in Effects of Earth's Motions
1.5 Local-Ether Propagation Model
1.6 Reexamination of Various Propagation Phenomena
      1.6.1 Round-trip Sagnac effect in monostatic radar
      1.6.2 Round-trip Sagnac effect in Michelson-Morley experiment
      1.6.3 Sagnac effect in loop interferometer
      1.6.4 Constancy of speed of light
      1.6.5 Spatial isotropy in geostationary path or cavity
      1.6.6 Doppler effect and Roemer's observations
      1.6.7 Spatial anisotropy in CMBR
      1.6.8 Gravitational effects on wave propagation
1.7 Unsolved and Predicted Propagation Phenomena
      1.7.1 Stellar aberration
      1.7.2 One-way-link rotor experiment
      1.7.3 Second-order radar Doppler shift

Chapter 2 Modifications of Lorentz Force Law
2.1 Frame-Invariance of Electromagnetic Force
2.2 Augmented Potentials and Electromagnetic Force Law
2.3 Augmented Potentials under Neutralization
2.4 Force Law under Low-Speed Condition
2.5 Sagnac-Effect Deviation and Galilean Relativity
2.6 Extra Force Terms

Chapter 3 Modifications of Maxwell's Equations
3.1 Issue of Reference Frame in Electromagnetics
3.2 Modified Lorentz Force Law
3.3 Local-Ether Wave Equations for Potentials
3.4 Local-Ether Wave Equations for Fields
3.5 Reexamination of Various Interference Experiments
      3.5.1 Phase variation with moving medium and path
      3.5.2 Geostationary fiber-link experiment
      3.5.3 Sagnac rotating-loop experiments
      3.5.4 Fizeau's experiment with moving medium
3.6 Derivation of Modifications of Maxwell's Equations

Chapter 4 Modifications of Schrodinger's Equation
4.1 Force Law and Wave Equation
4.2 Local-Ether Wave Equation and Evolution Equation
4.3 Derivation of Electrostatic Force and Mass
4.4 Local-Ether Wave Equation with Augmentation Operator
4.5 Derivation of Local-Ether Electromagnetic Force
4.6 Augmented Potentials under Weak-Potential and Low-Speed Conditions
4.7 Comparison with Schrodinger's Equation

Chapter 5 Unified Quantum Theory of EM and Gravitational Forces
5.1 Gravitational Effects
5.2 Local-Ether Wave Equation with Gravitational Potential
5.3 Derivation of Unified Quantum Theory
5.4 Reexamination of Evidence for General Relativity
      5.4.1 Increments of propagation time and radar echo time
      5.4.2 Gravitational deflection of light
      5.4.3 Gravitational redshift
      5.4.4 Spatial distributions of wavefunctions in gravitational redshift experiments

Chapter 6 Speed-Dependent Mass and Quantum Energy
6.1 Speed-Dependence of Atomic Clock Rate
6.2 Evolution Equation beyond Low-Speed Condition
6.3 Particle Velocity and Speed-Dependent Mass
6.4 Speed-Dependent Quantum Energy
6.5 Reexamination of Experiments with Atomic Clock Rates
      6.5.1 Gravitation- and speed-dependent transition frequency
      6.5.2 Clock-rate difference in Hafele-Keating experiment
      6.5.3 Clock-rate adjustment in GPS
      6.5.4 Frequency shifts in earthbound and interplanetary spacecraft microwave links
      6.5.5 Spatial isotropy in Hughes-Drever experiment

Chapter 7 Resonant Absorption between Moving Atoms
7.1 Frequency Shifts
7.2 Higher-Order Doppler Frequency Shift
7.3 Quantum Energy Variation and Resonant-Absorption Condition
7.4 Reexamination of Resonant-Absorption Experiments
      7.4.1 Ives-Stilwell experiment
      7.4.2 Output frequency from ammonia masers
      7.4.3 Mossbauer rotor experiment
      7.4.4 Spatial isotropy, terrestrial isotropy, Galilean relativity, and their breakdowns

Chapter 8 Interference of Matter Wave
8.1 Properties of Matter Wave
8.2 Local-Ether Wave Equation for Free Particle
8.3 Dispersion of Matter Wave
8.4 Mass, Energy, and Momentum
8.5 Reexamination of Matter-Wave Interference Experiments
      8.5.1 Bragg reflection of matter wave
      8.5.2 Predicted anisotropy in Bragg angle due to earth's rotation
      8.5.3 Effect of earth's gravity in neutron interferometry
      8.5.4 Effect of earth's rotation in neutron interferometry
      8.5.5 Matter-wave Sagnac effect in rotating loop