Quantum Electromagnetics
A Local-Ether Wave Equation Unifying
Quantum Mechanics, Electromagnetics, and Gravitation

Chapter 3 Modifications of Maxwell's Equations

In Chapter 1 we have presented the local-ether model, whereby the propagation of earthbound waves is supposed to be referred uniquely to a geocentric inertial frame. Further, in Chapter 2, in compliance with Galilean transformations and the local-ether propagation model, the modified Lorentz force law is developed, which is formulated in terms of the potentials originating from the net charge density and the neutralized current density. The relationships between the potentials and the electromagnetic fields are also derived. In this Chapter, the corresponding wave equations for the potentials and the fields along with the corresponding continuity equation and Lorenz gauge are derived. Then the phase speed of electromagnetic wave in a moving dielectric or magnetic medium is derived. After the Sagnac effect due to the movement of the transmission path is taken into consideration, it is shown that the local-ether wave equation for the electric field can account for various precision interference experiments in a consistent way, including the one-way-link experiment with a geostationary fiber, the Sagnac rotating-loop experiments with a comoving or a geostationary dielectric medium, and Fizeau's experiment with a moving dielectric medium in a geostationary interferometer. These experiments together then provide support for the local-ether wave equation. Meanwhile, some other phenomena are predicted, which provide a means to test its validity. Thereafter, we derive the divergence and the curl relations for the electric and magnetic fields, which represent modifications of Maxwell's equations complying with Galilean transformations.

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Full texts of major papers contributing to this Chapter (in PDF)
(1) Reinterpretation of Fizeau's experiment, (2) Wave equation and interferometry, (3) Modifications