Quantum Electromagnetics
A Local-Ether Wave Equation Unifying
Quantum Mechanics, Electromagnetics, and Gravitation

Chapter 1 Local-Ether Model of Wave Propagation

It is pointed out that the classical propagation model can be in accord with the Sagnac effect due to earth's rotational and orbital motions in the high-precision global positioning system (GPS) and interplanetary radar, if the reference frame of the classical propagation medium is endowed with a switchability according to the location of the wave. Accordingly, it is postulated that, as in an obsolete theory, electromagnetic wave propagates via a medium like the ether. However, the ether is not universal. It is proposed that in the region under a sufficient influence of the gravitation due to the Earth, the Sun, or another celestial body, there forms a local ether, which in turn is stationary with respect to the gravitational potential of the respective body. For earthbound or interplanetary waves, the medium is stationary in a geocentric or a heliocentric inertial frame, respectively. Electromagnetic wave propagates at a constant speed with respect to the associated local ether, independent of the motions of the source and the receiver. Based on this local-ether model, a wide variety of earthbound, interplanetary, and interstellar propagation phenomena of electromagnetic wave are accounted for. Strong evidence for this new classical model is its consistent account of the Sagnac effect due to earth's motions among GPS, the intercontinental microwave link, and the interplanetary radar. Moreover, as examined within the present precision, this model is still in accord with the Michelson-Morley experiment. To test the local-ether propagation model, a one-way-link rotor experiment is proposed.

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Full texts of major papers contributing to this Chapter (in PDF)
(1) Local-ether model, (2) Michelson-Morley experiment