Quantum Electromagnetics
A Local-Ether Wave Equation Unifying
Quantum Mechanics, Electromagnetics, and Gravitation

Ching-Chuan Su
Department of Electrical Engineering
National Tsinghua University
Hsinchu, Taiwan

The theory of Quantum Electromagnetics  presents a wave equation which is constructed, in compliance with Galilean transformations, for electromagnetic and matter waves. A fundamental feature entirely different from the principle of relativity is that the wave equation is referred specifically to the proposed local-ether frame. For electromagnetic wave, the local-ether wave equation accounts for a wide variety of experiments on propagation and interference. For matter wave, the wave equation leads to modifications of Schrodinger's equation which in turn lead to a unified quantum theory of electromagnetic and gravitational forces in conjunction with the origin and the identity of inertial and gravitational mass. Further, it leads to modifications of the Lorentz force law and of Maxwell's equations. Moreover, the wave equation leads to the dispersion of matter wave, from which the speed-dependence in the mass of a particle and in the wavelength, angular frequency, and quantum energy of a matter wave can be derived. The consequences of the wave equation are in accord with a wide variety of experiments that are commonly ascribed to the special relativity, the general relativity, the Lorentz mass-variation law, or to the de Broglie matter wave. Thereby, the local-ether wave equation unifies quantum mechanics, electromagnetics, and gravitation.

Table of Contents
Outline of Quantum Electromagnetics (in PDF)

Chapter 1 Local-Ether Model of Wave Propagation
Chapter 2 Modifications of Lorentz Force Law
Chapter 3 Modifications of Maxwell's Equations
Chapter 4 Modifications of Schrodinger's Equation
Chapter 5 Unified Quantum Theory of EM and Gravitational Forces
Chapter 6 Speed-Dependent Mass and Quantum Energy
Chapter 7 Resonant Absorption between Moving Atoms
Chapter 8 Interference of Matter Wave

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